1. Add featured individuals, bars, organizations

2. Add Woody's list of bartenders

3. Get Old St. Joe's list

4. Get Mazzoni list

5. Add age and death year tags.

6. Review AIDS Quilt (now up to panel 147)

I. Mission of your project
II. Goals/Objectives
a. Invitation to lesbians—beta dinner—Eileen , teresa, Elizabeth terry, nurit shein, Gloria casarez, kate Sorenson, zoe strauss, gail Lloyd, nipon, jeri nutter, lisa shulock
b. Survey-- to elicit information from them
c. Pre-workshop interviews with 6-10 lesbians to put their stories on the site.
d. Sample—here is a graphic representation of gay men without women in their lives---- how the women connected --- it is not the full story without getting their stories….
e. Facilitators for workshop: Elizabeth Terry, Tracy Tripp, Xaiya at GALAEI

Jeff Eiberson